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It is also 50% lighter than other tiling materials, making it valuable for multi-story installations. In addition to flooring, a customized tile can be utilized to make astonishing countertops, partitions, and other indoor functions. In comparison to ceramic and stone tiles, terrazzo tiles are a more cost-effective and sturdy floor end.

Concord Terrazzo Company, Inc specializes in poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo. The Concord Terrazzo precast department has the potential of manufacturing customized terrazzo tile for elevator cabs, stair landings, and for small industrial areas. Here are the professionals and cons that may allow you to consider which flooring system is greatest on your project. Concord Precast Terrazzo helps architects and designers complement their poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo floors with terrazzo tile in small areas of a business building.

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The key to efficiently tiling over terrazzo lays in determining the floor’s binder material. Precast terrazzo achieve a lot of …

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