biophilic decor

Biophilia Speculation

Now more than ever, it’s essential to bring the outdoors in and create indoor environments – biophilic interiors, that reference nature in both obvious and subtle ways. Earthy colors, natural supplies and fibres, plenty of daylight, natural contours and organic shapes, botanic prints, flowing water options, fragrant plants, dwelling roof, or moss wall all work to strengthen this relationship. Biophilic design not only embeds the physical presence of nature in your environment but in addition mimics the natural world via objects, supplies, textures, colours, shapes, and sequences present in nature. The aim is to stimulate visible, auditory, haptic, and olfactory connections through artwork, furniture, décor, and structure. Earthy neutrals, handmade beauties, sustainable décor, natural contours, and natural textures are a prominent a part of the mix.

  • The term “biophilia” which translates to “love of nature” appeared for the primary time in 1984.
  • Other examples of non-visual connections with nature are
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