light wood décor

43 “new And Spacious” Light Wood Custom Kitchen Designs

As grey curtains chill out against the room´s tall home windows, Scandinavian-style chairs in unpolished light wood make good companions for a table in the same hue. A pair of candle holders add decoration, while the room´s white-swathed walls and kitchen present a clear view on exit. Our second house in Kiev, Ukraine, covers 130sqm with gray and lightweight wood, achieving an understated class. In the shared kitchen and front room, light wood builds a platform for a statement thread and wicker cane chair, household couch and sq. gray ottoman.

  • Headlined by a row of wall-like white cupboards with LED lighting underneath, delicate wood tones contrast with a charcoal bench and navy facet wall, making a function.
  • Wicker cane shelving baskets hyperlink back to the chandeliers.
  • A matching entrance desk to the left mirrors the design, with black iron helps and a charcoal-coloured flooring.
  • Counter peak tables and chairs are
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