biophilic decor

Thesis Presentation_biophilic Design

Questions about social psychology, well being and vitality, were requested much less typically. To achieve that, we actively implement and incorporate biophilic designs that transcend mere addition of greenery to fully utilising and amplifying the encircling mild, wind, water, and natural world for the benefit and wellness of building occupants. At CPG Corporation, one of the key philosophy that our architects, engineers, facility managers, project managers and construction managers maintain is to develop buildings and areas that re-cultivate in people a love for nature. Reclaimed wood adapts very well to its environment and can amplify the existing aesthetic of a space. In a hospital foyer, it creates a calm environment and reduces stress in each sufferers and guests. Of course, reclaimed wooden has numerous advantages no matter the place it’s used, however it has a novel capacity to enhance the design of the constructed environment in which it lives.

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