How to Make a House Plan

How to Make a House Plan

Have a desire to make your own house plan but are confused about how to start? Basically, everyone can learn how to make a house plan, including you.

Even though you don’t have an architectural and interior background, there are simple steps you can do.

How to make a simple house plan that is easy and ideal for beginners? Come on, look at the following reviews.

4 Ways to Make a Minimalist House Plan

1. Characteristics of Making the Ideal House Plan

In order for the house plan that is designed to be ideal, it would be good if you pay attention to the following things:

  • Multifunctional and Flexible Room

A flexible room turns out to be very helpful in the future, for example, a family room that can easily be converted into a bedroom or vice versa.

  • Ideal layout

By arranging the room in an ideal and appropriate way, it can make you comfortable on your activities.

For example, so that you can enjoy a meal quietly in the dining room, you have to design the bathroom not facing the dining room.

  • Calculating Room Size

Calculating the size of the room is one way to make a good house plan.

With a room that is measured carefully, you can consider how many people will live in the room and their activities. Is there room to put furniture or furniture?

Is there enough space for activities and is still comfortable?

  • Good Air Circulation

Ventilation and doors are important elements in designing a house, so you have to consider where the two air circulation agents will be installed.

In order to maintain the health and cleanliness of the room, make sure that no room is stuffy or damp.

2. Choosing a House Model (Number of Floors)

How to Make a 2 Floor House Plan

Determining the type of house to be built is the first step in how to build a house.

The type of house in question is a house model based on the number of floors, the house one floor or more?

Overall, this clearly influences the desired floor plan process.

You can immediately combine all the rooms into 1 layout if the selected house model is a simple 1-story house.

Meanwhile, you must have 2 layouts when choosing a house plan with 2 floors.
The 2 layouts are separate images in the form of the top floor and lower floor layouts.

With these two layouts, you can determine which rooms should be placed on the floor below or above on the plan.

3. Gathering Inspiration and References

How to Make a Modern House Plan

After determining the type or model of the house, the next step is to collect inspiration and references.

Make a lot of references and inspiration from existing works before imagining the framework of the house design and pouring it into a floor plan.

You can find home design inspiration by visiting exhibitions or reading magazines, by taking a walk, or other ways to find a house plan that has the best design type and style close to your wishes.

You can also use references from the internet because there are more choices. In addition, combining more than one reference can be done so that the dream house design is what you want.

4. Create a Space Program for a House Plan

How to Make an Easy House Plan

Creating a room plan for a house plan includes the following:

  • Determine the Number of Rooms Required

Determine the number of rooms needed, for example how many master bedrooms? How many bathrooms? And others.

It depends on how many people will be living in the house so this need varies from house to house.

What residents will do in the house also varies, for example, certain houses may need a painting studio, a small library, a music room, and so on.

The more space is needed, the more it takes up a large area.

Therefore, you must be careful in determining the number of rooms to match the available land. In addition, to save land, you can make a room multi-functional.

Likewise, the need for many bedrooms and bathrooms.

A large family consisting of grandparents and their grandchildren, of course, need at least three bedrooms or more, so don’t make a floor plan with a bathroom that’s lacking, huh!

  • Studying the Size Needs of Each Room

Before starting to draw a house plan, knowing the space requirements is a must.

Make a list of what activities you and other residents will do at home along with the room that will be used as a means of carrying out these activities.

To be clearer, take into account the area of ​​each room after knowing how many and what rooms are needed according to the area available.

Study each room to be built and its needs, whether the room needs an opening or not and and the standard size of each room.

For example, how much area is needed for the bathroom so that a bathtub and shower can be placed in it?

How many vehicles will be built in the garage?

Before learning how to make a house plan, you should consider these questions well and of course adjust to the availability of land to build the house you want.

  • Arranging the placement or zoning of the room

Zoning here means that you have to adjust the layout of the room according to its function appropriately and accordingly.

For example, don’t make the house uncomfortable by placing the bathroom near the living room.

Surely you don’t want to be seen by visiting guests when you want to go to the toilet, right?

Therefore, room zoning is needed in making a house plan.

You have to determine which is the public area and which is the private area in the house for the convenience of doing activities.

Ensure that each zone of the room does not interfere with each other in order to keep functioning properly.

For example, a private zone is a bedroom and bathroom, where outsiders cannot step into them carelessly.

While the common area is the living room and kitchen. It will be easier to divide the public zone and private zone if you make a 2-story house plan. Usually a private area such as a bedroom will be placed on the top floor.

A room with a private area is of course very much needed in making a home design. Therefore, you should do this process carefully.

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