Here are 5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight After Childbirth, Worth a Try

For postpartum mothers who may be more or less worried about gaining weight, losing weight, and keeping it stable is not as difficult as one might imagine. The following are some steps for a healthy diet that is very useful in stabilizing your body weight to stay at an ideal number.

Drink Enough Water

Water intake must be fulfilled properly because consuming 2 liters or the equivalent of 8 glasses of water per day can be a natural and effective way to lose weight. Even when you lose weight, drinking enough water can prevent dehydration and stabilize your weight.

Eat Green Vegetables

The most appropriate postpartum diet is eating green vegetables, such as cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, and spinach is an important, intake that can do it daily. Green vegetables high in water and fiber will provide a long-lasting full effect so that it will not make excessive calorie intake in our bodies.

Vegetables that contain high fiber and minerals can burn calories. Because eating vegetables can be a metabolism booster, it also automatically helps the fat burning process to be more maximal.

Kegel exercises

As a way to manage weight for postpartum mothers is Kegel exercises. The lower pelvic muscles can be tightened through this exercise. The way to do Kegel exercises is to lie down first then lift the buttocks and lower back and hold for 10 seconds before lying back down. There are three sets in which we can do it 10 times per set every day.

Reducing the intake of starchy and fried foods

Foods made of flour and starch, of course, include fried foods where foods that are high in saturated fat and rich in trans fats are not good for the postpartum body condition and will only trigger weight gain. Be careful, too, because trans fats are also said to be a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes or diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

Reducing Sweet Drink Intake

If you want to lose weight and prevent hunger from coming fast or easy, avoid sugary drinks. Sweet drinks are high in calories, so this can make hunger pangs easier to come plus it triggers visceral fat to accumulate even though this fat is not healthy.

This type of fat is different from other fats because there are compounds released from these fats that can interfere with the body’s ability to break down sugar for energy. Because this fat accumulates in the body, cholesterol production in the liver also increases.

Many people say that breastfeeding can lose weight but, a postpartum weight is determined by various factors too, such as the amount of weight gain during pregnancy, weight before pregnancy, overall health, diet and food intake, and level of physical activity. If you want your ideal and stable weight back there, you can try to consume supplement mymeticore.