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5 Ways to Take Care of a Minimalist Home to Be Clean and Comfortable
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5 Ways to Take Care of a Minimalist Home to Be Clean and Comfortable

The proverb says, the condition of a person’s home symbolizes his character. You can imagine, right? You will get a bad impression if the house looks dirty and the furniture is not organized. Plus, the house you live in is small — it must be even more crowded.

Not only that, a house that is neglected for cleanliness can make people reluctant to visit. In fact, they don’t feel at home in the house. So, what is the solution? Check out how to care for a minimalist home below.

Cleaning the House Every Day

The simplest way to display a clean occupancy is to clean it every day. If you live with your family, make a regular schedule for household cleaning activities. For example, every day someone has to sweep the floor and wipe the windows.

Then, on the day off, schedule to tidy up the yard and the whole house. Cut grass that is starting …

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How to Make a House Plan
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How to Make a House Plan

Have a desire to make your own house plan but are confused about how to start? Basically, everyone can learn how to make a house plan, including you.

Even though you don’t have an architectural and interior background, there are simple steps you can do.

How to make a simple house plan that is easy and ideal for beginners? Come on, look at the following reviews.

4 Ways to Make a Minimalist House Plan

1. Characteristics of Making the Ideal House Plan

In order for the house plan that is designed to be ideal, it would be good if you pay attention to the following things:

  • Multifunctional and Flexible Room

A flexible room turns out to be very helpful in the future, for example, a family room that can easily be converted into a bedroom or vice versa.

  • Ideal layout

By arranging the room in an ideal and appropriate way, it can …

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Room Partitions You Must Try
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Room Partitions You Must Try

Are you looking for a room partition for the interior of the house? Let’s find the various inspirations here. How eye-catching!

Room partitions or room dividers from one room to another in the house do not only use thick wall dividers.

Currently there are several models of room partitions that can be customized according to your wishes or needs. Modifications to this room divider are needed so that the house is more lively and not too monotonous.

As inspiration, we will share inspiration for a room partition model that is viewable and guaranteed to make the kitchen in your home look more beautiful.

Curious ?

Let’s just look at the following kinds of inspiration!

Minimalist Room Partitions

1. Room Dividers Bed With Workplace

Bed Room Divider With Workplace

Having a spacious resting space and wanting to separate the bed from the place of work is not difficult.

You can add a partition with wood material …

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6 Decorations That you Must to Try
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6 Decorations That you Must to Try

Decorate the walls of the room in your house with 6 minimalist and unique wall decorations here. Check it out!

Wall Decoration – A plain wall without decoration is definitely unattractive and even looks boring. For that, you need to add a little decoration by installing wall hangings.

Not just beautifying the room, wall decoration can also change the atmosphere.

Especially if you choose a wall decoration that matches the interior of the house.

There are many types of wall decorations, ranging from wallpapers, stickers, murals, handicrafts, and others.

In fact, there are many wall decoration creations that you make yourself by using items around you.

Minimalist wall decoration creations

Wall decorations are not always luxurious and expensive items.

With limited items and a little creativity, you can have a beautiful and aesthetic wall decoration.

So without an expensive budget, you can make your house more beautiful.

Well, if you …

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3 Minimalist Kitchen Table Design
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3 Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

Make your cooking activities more exciting with this kitchen table design. Kitchen and dining table designs in both minimalist homes and other types of homes are still suitable for use and will make the appearance of your kitchen room as well as your dining room more beautiful and charming.

Some of the following minimalist table designs are suitable for those of you who are looking for a table design that is right for your kitchen and dining room. Curious ?

Let’s just see in full below!

Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

1. Pair Wooden Kitchen Table

Pair of wooden tables and chairs

Using wooden chairs is indeed a beautiful sight when these chairs are placed in the dining room or kitchen.

To complement these wooden chairs, you can use tables made of wood and marble. The brown color on the table legs and blue on the chairs will make your minimalist room more beautiful and elegant.

The table legs that are shaped …

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3 Best Types of Guest Chairs for Residential Homes
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3 Best Types of Guest Chairs for Residential Homes

The guest chair is one of the most important parts in a room.

When designing a living room design, the first thing you have to think about is choosing the right type of guest chair. Choosing the right guest chair can support the appearance of the living room to be more charming. So don’t ever take this for granted.

Each type of guest chair has its own beauty and value. For that, you can adjust the type of guest chair with the concept of the house to make it look more harmonious.

In determining the right type of guest chair, you need to pay attention to many things. Starting from the color, material, quality and price, as well as the guest chair design itself.

With the rise of guest chair designs and models in circulation, this time we will provide many guest chair references that can be an inspiration for you, along …

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