6 Decorations That you Must to Try

6 Decorations That you Must to Try

Decorate the walls of the room in your house with 6 minimalist and unique wall decorations here. Check it out!

Wall Decoration – A plain wall without decoration is definitely unattractive and even looks boring. For that, you need to add a little decoration by installing wall hangings.

Not just beautifying the room, wall decoration can also change the atmosphere.

Especially if you choose a wall decoration that matches the interior of the house.

There are many types of wall decorations, ranging from wallpapers, stickers, murals, handicrafts, and others.

In fact, there are many wall decoration creations that you make yourself by using items around you.

Minimalist wall decoration creations

Wall decorations are not always luxurious and expensive items.

With limited items and a little creativity, you can have a beautiful and aesthetic wall decoration.

So without an expensive budget, you can make your house more beautiful.

Well, if you are looking for a minimalist wall decoration creation, get more inspiration below.

Room Wall Decoration

Decorating the walls of the room can be one of the keys to comfort.

You don’t have to buy it, you can even create it yourself according to your needs and tastes.

Here are some bedroom wall decoration ideas that are trending among young people.

1. Tapestry

Tapestry Wall Decoration

If you like bright colors, try installing a rug as decoration in your room.

A bright rug with a lively pattern is perfect for plain white walls.

Not only unique, but also can make your room more aesthetic.

2. Homemade moodboard

Homemade Moodboard

Moodboards are usually made of grid wire, which is a series of small metal bars in a checkerboard pattern.

This moodboard is very useful for attaching memos or hanging Polaroid photos.

It is very suitable to be installed in the bedroom of teenagers and children.

3. Tumblr lamp creations

Tumblr Light Room Wall Hanging Creations

Tumblr lamps are the most favorite decorations to decorate the bedroom.

The flexible shape can be installed anywhere. You can even form a pattern according to your taste

You can also add polaroid photos or certain knick-knacks.

Besides being cheap, the lighting produced by tumblr lamps is proven to be able to make rooms more beautiful and comfortable.

4. Typographic decoration

Typographic Wall Decoration

There is nothing wrong with putting up typographic decorations on the walls of your room.

Placing typographic decorations will actually help you find new inspiration and motivation.

So, when you wake up, you will be more enthusiastic about your day.

5. Collections of wall photos

Wall photo collage

Your collection of photos can also be used as a bedroom wall decoration.

Arrange them randomly or form a specific pattern for a more beautiful look.

Apart from being a decoration, putting up a photo collage will also help you capture the moment.

6. Unique wall sticker

Unique wall sticker decoration

Instead of being confused about making decorations, it’s better to install a wall sticker that just sticks it.

There are lots of wall sticker motifs ranging from flowers, trees, to even abstract motifs.

So, you just have to choose which motif best suits the interior of your room.

From the 6 inspiration for the wall decoration creations above, it is ready to make the room both at home and can also be applied in the classroom to be more beautiful.

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