3 Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

3 Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

Make your cooking activities more exciting with this kitchen table design. Kitchen and dining table designs in both minimalist homes and other types of homes are still suitable for use and will make the appearance of your kitchen room as well as your dining room more beautiful and charming.

Some of the following minimalist table designs are suitable for those of you who are looking for a table design that is right for your kitchen and dining room. Curious ?

Let’s just see in full below!

Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

1. Pair Wooden Kitchen Table

Pair of wooden tables and chairs

Using wooden chairs is indeed a beautiful sight when these chairs are placed in the dining room or kitchen.

To complement these wooden chairs, you can use tables made of wood and marble. The brown color on the table legs and blue on the chairs will make your minimalist room more beautiful and elegant.

The table legs that are shaped like a classic twist are also not strange if they are placed in a minimalist room, including a minimalist kitchen.

2. Marble Countertop

3 Minimalist Kitchen Table Design

A circular marble kitchen table is also not too strange when placed in the dining room or near the kitchen.

Especially if the room in your house is quite spacious, putting a minimalist table made of marble in the shape of a circle can also fill your room to be nicer and more comfortable to see, and of course more freedom to put the results of your cooking.

3. Bar-like kitchen table

Kitchen Countertop Size

This bar table design is always a game. The reason is, this type of table is arguably unique and doesn’t take up much space.

Use wood material that is termite-proof and porous to make it durable. The combination of wood brown and pastel dark blue is perfect, right?

Not only that, the combination of brown on the table and brick red on the walls also shows a European atmosphere. What do you think?

By looking at some of the inspiration for table designs for small kitchens, you can get a little inspiration to make a table in the kitchen later. Don’t forget to choose a design that suits your minimalist kitchen.