3 Best Types of Guest Chairs for Residential Homes

3 Best Types of Guest Chairs for Residential Homes

The guest chair is one of the most important parts in a room.

When designing a living room design, the first thing you have to think about is choosing the right type of guest chair. Choosing the right guest chair can support the appearance of the living room to be more charming. So don’t ever take this for granted.

Each type of guest chair has its own beauty and value. For that, you can adjust the type of guest chair with the concept of the house to make it look more harmonious.

In determining the right type of guest chair, you need to pay attention to many things. Starting from the color, material, quality and price, as well as the guest chair design itself.

With the rise of guest chair designs and models in circulation, this time we will provide many guest chair references that can be an inspiration for you, along with the inspiration:

1. Teak Wood Guest Chairs

Teak guest chairs are made from the main material of teak wood which has no doubt of its quality,

Apart from being strong and resilient, teak chairs also have many advantages when compared to other types of wooden chairs.

Another feature of teak guest chairs is that they are very durable for many years. Teak chairs are also termite and weather resistant so it doesn’t matter if they are used either for indoor or outdoor chairs.

And last but not least, this teak guest chair has a high aesthetic value that comes from the wood grain and the very beautiful brown wood color.

1. Black teak chairs

Black teak chairs

In addition to its beautiful and contemporary model, the teak guest chairs also present an elegant appearance with a touch of black finish.

This model teak guest chair is also equipped with a seat made of soft and very comfortable pads.

2. Teak sofa model

Teak sofa model

This teak guest chair is shaped like a sofa with soft pads and a comfortable backrest.

Even though the shape is quite simple, this teak guest chair is perfect for filling the living room of your dream house.

3. Teak chair with slim legs

Sleek legged teak chair

With tall and slender legs, this teak chair is perfect for a minimalist living room.

With brown varnish and beautiful carvings, this teak chair will make anyone feel excited when they see it.


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