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Those of us that are Dylan fanatics have heard various versions of the above objections throughout our whole Dylan-listening careers.

To be sure, Bob Dylan, like great Scotch—is an acquired taste. Yes, his voice is “nasally.” Yes, his inflection is odd. Yes, he can be hard to understand and way off-key. Yet, his sound, his instrumentation and above all his songs can be salvation to the ears of those who learn to appreciate him.
Thus, we think it’s about time that someone laid out a viable plan to help those Dylan deprived people figure out how to navigate through his discography without hating him before giving him a chance. We hope this site will leave you wanting more and more of arguably the greatest songwriter on the planet today.
But, be careful, you may get hooked before you know it. Also, we realize that our plan is highly subjective and controversial. Feel free to give us feedback and tell us if you think we’ve got it all wrong. Let’s argue, let’s debate but above all let’s LISTEN!!!
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Note: Please be advised we did not include any Greatest Hits albums in our listening plan. We stuck to pure Dylan albums only. Anyone (including K-Tel) can start off by suggesting a Greatest Hits album. That’s not what we’re about. We’ve laid out a plan that includes the unadulterated records as Dylan intended them to be listened to.